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New Product: Perspex Spectrum LED Light Diffusing Acrylic

LED light diffusing acrylic

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting solutions have been growing in popularity for many years now and are continuing to show signs of increasing popularity. This is no doubt due to the aesthetic, cost and environmental benefits intrinsic to LEDs that so many other light sources sadly lack.

The growing popularity of LED lighting presents an exciting new opportunity to the signage industry. Apart from their low maintenance costs and energy efficiency, LED lighting uses very little power and as such gives off considerably less heat than other forms of lighting, which makes it suitable for indoor uses as well as out.

Their size also allows more contemporary designs to be implemented in the manufacturing of signs, in addition to opening up the world of signage to new kinds of materials. One such material is Perspex Spectrum which permits signage practitioners to profit from the benefits of LEDs by producing eco-efficient signs which burn brightly with passion and colour.

Spectrum has been created to meet the requirements of today’s sign market and offers a great many benefits over alternative signage materials. Being a Perspex product Spectrum carries the standard 10 year guarantee and is available in a wide range of colours.

One problem with LEDs is that they emit a bright type of light which creates unsightly “hot spots” as it shines through materials.

Spectrum LED light diffusing acrylic is specially designed to diffuse these light hot spots to create a more even spread of light.

Spectrum can be used for other illumination applications in addition to signs such as product displays, directional systems and architectural design. To see our range of Spectrum LED Acrylic click ‘here’ or feel free to contact us by email or via social media.

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