Our Top 5 Bathroom Cladding Ideas

Stylish. Classy. Colourful. Just three of the words that can be used to describe modern bathroom wall cladding. Most commonly made out of PVC, it adds a long-lasting and glossy finish to any room and is especially suited to the unique conditions found in the average bathroom.

Becoming an increasingly common form of decorating, UPVC cladding for bathrooms is quickly becoming a popular alternative to tiles. Here we take a look at some of the five best cladding ideas.

Number 1 – Clad the Ceiling

Glue it or screw it, either option is fine. If you don’t want to decorate the walls with cladding, why not do the ceiling? It adds something unique and can be something colourful to look at when you sit back and relax in the bath.

Number 2 – A Splash of Colour

A lot of people like to keep their bathroom plain and simple but they always need a splash of colour. Instead of adding some colourful towels or a couple of nice pictures, why not create a feature wall or area with some plastic cladding? Whether it’s a whole wall or a feature piece behind the mirror, it will add something special.

Number 3 – Monochrome Chic

Nothing says style more than a classic black and white monochrome design. And what better material to use than plastic cladding? You can use it for the whole room or use it together with tiles to create a room you’ll be more than happy to relax in.

Number 4 – Enjoy the Rainbow

For those who want a bathroom that makes a big impression, why not go multi-colour? Because you can get cut to size UPVC cladding from us, it’s easy to choose a range of colours and create something that any visitors will never forget.

Number 5 – Shower Special

Have you already decorated your bathroom but are adding a new shower? Maybe you’re not fond of tiles for ‘wet areas’? Well hygienic cladding is the perfect solution for any shower area. Choose from a range of colours and create a stylish, waterproof area in the corner of your bathroom.

These are just our top five cladding ideas but the options are almost unlimited to make your home unique to you. And with a whole range of colours available, you’ll find one to suit you.

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