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Using an Acrylic Sheet for your Garden Table Top

Garden furniture can be well used throughout the summer period then neglected during the colder months! Both of which can lead to damage such as scratches, scuffs or even smashed table tops. You definitely don’t want to be buying a new garden table every time something breaks or starts to show wear and tear and if you use acrylic sheets, you won’t have to!

Can I use acrylic for an outdoor rattan tabletop protector?

Yes, you can! Acrylic is a versatile material that can even be used outdoors. It is our most popular type of clear sheet material as it is a cheaper, safer and lightweight replacement for a glass table. It even has some excellent external properties:

  • Low moisture absorption rate
  • UV resistant (10-year outdoor guarantee)
  • Easy to clean
  • Impact resistant, strong and durable

There are various different types of acrylic that you can use depending on your budget, style and purpose. If you are looking for an inexpensive solution, our standard clear acrylic is the most suitable option or if you want something that looks more premium, why not try our glass-effect acrylic? Acrylic even comes in various different colours if you want the table to be bright and colourful!

How thick should acrylic be for a tabletop?

Perspex acrylic sheets can come in various thicknesses so it can be difficult to judge what thickness you might need. In this instance, if you are just using it for a tabletop, we suggest using 3mm sheets if suitable. However, our Clear Acrylic Sheets can go up to 15mm thickness so it depends on your own preference and the style of table it is going ontop of. 

How to order an acrylic table top?

We offer cut to size acrylic sheets at Cut Plastic Sheeting and it can be ordered in these easy steps:

  1. Measure your tabletop
  2. Select your required material on our site (we suggest using our Clear Perspex Acrylic)
  3. Choose your thickness (suggested thickness: 2mm or 3mm)
  4. Enter your height & width in either mm, cm or inches
  5. Add on optional drilled holes if required for fixtures, fittings or even room to hold your garden parasol. You can also add polished edges for a more premium look if required.
  6. Place your order! 

How do you apply an acrylic sheet on top of a table?

The best way to make sure your acrylic table top is secure is to drill it into the existing table. When ordering your cut to size sheet, you can add drilled holes to your sheet by selecting the location, diameter and distance from the edge. This means, when your sheet arrives you can simply mark out your screw location and precisely drill into your existing location.

How do you clean an acrylic tabletop?

To clean your acrylic sheets, all your need is warm soapy water and a soft cloth. For more tips and tricks on cleaning plexiglass sheets, please visit our guides page.

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