Acrylic & Perspex Mountings, Fixings and Accessories

Once you have ordered your acrylic, Perspex, Dibond or Foamex materials, you are going to need a great selection of panel mounting, fixings and accessories to install it into place.

While there are many DIY and Home Improvement stores where you can purchase these items, getting the right materials for the job can be a time consuming process and one that many professionals could do without.

We have therefore updated our collection to include a fantastic selection of decorative screw sets, four-way panel supports and foam tape, so you can order all your accessories along with your cut plastic materials.

Ideal for use with Melamine faced chipboards and aluminium composite sheets; our decorative screw set includes four stainless steel rings with countersink, four screws and four raw plugs, which provide a neat and aesthetically pleasing solution to your fixing points.

The Poster display wall mounts are ideal for use when displaying photos, posters or artwork between two pieces of acrylic.  A simple yet attractive design, one part attaches to the wall and the screw top keeps the two sheets firmly in place.

Once you have your materials firmly in place, maintenance is relatively low-key and simple.  For acrylic and other plastic materials an anti-static cleaner combined with a lint-free cloth will keep you materials looking like new, and should any scratches appear you can simply rub them away with a touch of Xerapol acrylic scratch remover/


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