FAQ: Dibond Aluminium Composite

Dibond Aluminium Composite panels (ACM) can also go by the trade name Alucobond, Hylite, Reynobond and Alupanel. It is formed with two thin sheets of aluminium enclosing a polyethylene core and is used for both commercial and private projects. Due to its popularity, we thought we would answer our most frequently asked questions about Dibond Aluminium Composite.

Can it be used internally and externally?

Yes, Dibond has the correct features to be used in both internal and external environments. 

What can it be used for?

It is widely used for semi-permanent external signage such as Hoarding Boards, as it is rustproof, waterproof and can be printed on. Due to its high-quality finish, lightweight nature and printing abilities it can also be a popular choice for creative displays. Additionally, ACM is used in many homes for kitchen splashbacks. 

Key features of Dibond:

  • Lightweight
  • Weather-resistant – applicable with temperatures between -50°C and +80°C
  • Suitable for long term external applications
  • Extremely strong
  • Easy to handle and fabricate
  • Non-corrosive and resistant to physical damage

Can you print on Dibond?

Dibond has an extremely flat surface and is great for printing high-quality graphics or text. It also has the ability to be printed on both sides. Because of Dibonds durability, it is used a lot for advertising.

Can you paint on Dibond?

Dibond is an extremely popular material with artists and is an especially good canvas for oil painting. With the material being extremely flat and smooth it provides an excellent surface for painting projects.

Can it be used behind gas / electric hobs?

Yes, it can be used behind a gas or electric hob but we would advise a minimum distance of 150mm from the heat source.

Is Dibond easy to fabricate?

With the correct tools and instructions, Dibond can be easily bent, cut and polished while still keeping its strong properties. 

What are Hoarding Boards?

Building and construction sites most commonly use Site Hoardings Boards. They are ideal for displaying site safety messages, directing footfall, and promoting a brand or new development areas. Hoarding Boards are made from ACM as they are strong, lightweight and weather resistant. Hoarding Boards can be cut to size and have custom graphics printed on them. Take a look at our White Anti-Graffiti/Anti-Vandal Composite Hoarding Board that has a unique coating to prevent damages to artwork. 

Can it be recycled?

The ACM sheet consists of a polyethene core enclosed by two aluminium sheets in which both can be recycled in the UK. 

What is the maximum sheet size?

At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we offer Dibond Aluminium Composite panels in a maximum sheet size of 3000 x 1500 and in 3mm thickness.

How can you customise an ACM sheet?

We offer customers to choose their Dibond Aluminium Composite Panel in the finish/colour they require and we will cut it to their custom size and shape. Customers can also choose to add optional extras such as rounded corners and drilled holes.

What colours and finishes are available?

We can supply ACM in standard Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Charcoal Grey and Cream. These standard colours have a gloss finish on one side and a matte finish on the other. Our brushed aluminium range comes in Silver Butler, Copper, Rose Gold/Anthracite, Light Bronze, Gun Metal Grey, Pink and Electric Blue. For an authentic wooden look, we supply Maple, Wenge and Walnut Dibond. For Hoarding Panels we supply White (Single-Sided) and Anti-Vandal ACM material. We also have a premium grade aluminium composite mirror that has an outstanding mirror finish.

Do you supply edging trims?

We do indeed! We have Aluminium Composite Panel Edge Trims available in three various colours – Black, White and Chrome! These are designed to use with our 3mm Aluminium Composite Panels to provide a sleek finish on the edges by hiding the polyethylene core.

Get in touch!

Our 3mm Dibond Aluminium Composite Panels can be cut to any size and shape. If you are in need of multiple sheets, please contact the sales team who can inform you of any volume discount available. Or, if you have any questions that haven’t been answered here – please let us know and we will be happy to help!

Post By Cerys Furnival

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