Improve Shed Window Security with Polycarbonate Secondary Glazing

polycarbonate shed window secondary glazing

Secondary glazing fitted

Improve shed window security with polycarbonate. If home is where the heart is, then the garden shed must be central to this domestic comfort.  Cliches will have you believe that the humble shed is dad’s retreat, a last refuge where he may seek solace and store his treasured tools. In truth, a secure garden shed is a vital working part of any home, supplying a work space for any keen gardener or DIYer, and indeed a space to safely store key equipment and tools.  Having a secure garden shed is therefore of paramount importance.

One area to maximise your shed’s security is of course the windows.  Liable to break, fill up with condensation, and lose heat, standard glass or plastic windows are the bane of the efficient and secure shed.

Fear not though, as adding an extra layer of polycarbonate sheet as secondary glazing will dramatically improve shed window security.

Strong, resilient and weatherproof, at 200 times the impact strength of glass, polycarbonate panel can withstand sledgehammer blows, whilst keeping the elements from your cosy shed during those winter months.  Furthermore, those winter blues will not trouble you as adding secondary glazing increases insulation; keeping your shed warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In addition to increasing shed window security and insulation, polycarbonate panel will not compromise on visibility through its high levels of light transmission; a must for those who need light to work within their secure garden shed.


polycarbonate shed window secondary glazing


polycarbonate shed window secondary glazing


Visibility is improved further too, as polycarbonate panel will reduce condensation levels compared with glass. Lastly, DIY lovers will appreciate polycarbonate as it can be ordered cut to size and is easy to fit with hand held drills and HSS drill bits.

Improving shed security is vital to any home, ensuring that your tools and equipment are secure and protected. Using polycarbonate panel will help you secure your garden shed windows, but the increased benefits of insulation, weather proofing, and visibility will make for comfortable work space, or indeed, retreat!

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