Inspirational Garden Mirror Features

With the country having spent most of the last year confined to their home, we have realised just how important it is to have access to gardens and courtyards. Being out in the fresh air makes the world of difference to our mental well being. With this in mind and the summer season quickly approaching, we thought we would share some DIY garden inspiration with you.

Using our Premium External Aluminium Composite Mirror, you can create garden mirror features that have an abundance of benefits. If you have a small garden, creating a mirror feature will reflect the light and make the garden appear much larger. It also allows for greenery that blooms at one end of the garden to be seen on a plain opposing garden wall which typically feels dark and unloved. This creates the illusion of a much brighter, larger and greener space!

Creating a statement feature will add dimension and intrigue to your garden. You will definitely be envied by those nosey neighbours taking a peek at your new garden revamp.

We thought we would share some inspirational images we found scouring Pinterest to help inspire your 2021 summer project.

1.) Mirrored Trellis

Having a feature like this is perfect to prop against wooden fences and allow nature to grow and take over.

2.) Faux Shuttered Window

This display creates the illusion of a window into another garden which makes the garden feel larger. If it’s the illusion of space you are looking for, this feature may just do the trick. Check out our dibond mirror which can be cut to size.

3.) Large Full Length Mirror Feature

If you really want to capitalise on the illusion of space trick, then this may just be the solution for you. Having a large mirror which isn’t disrupted by any other features allows the mirror to reflect as much of the garden and sunlight as possible. This creates a modern and sophisticated look for your garden.

4.) Mirrored Archways

Want to feel like you are strolling through Venice? That’s nearly possible (although, there may be a chance of rain…). Adding the tall arch shape to your garden gives the illusion of height, and when decorated, it can transport you to a sunny island full of architectural heritage. Want help to achieve a look like this? Give our customer service team a call for quotes on 01752 917434.

Here is a photo one of our lovely customers sent to us showcasing their mirrored garden feature.

Share your garden photos with us on Instagram and Facebook – we would love to see how your 2021 summer projects turn out.

Post By Jamie Shannon

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