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Make Your Home More Efficient with Secondary Glazing

Combating The Cost Of Living Crisis 2023

With gas and electric prices soaring across Great Britain, homeowners can save money by implementing cost-effective and “do it yourself” projects to improve their home’s energy efficiency during the colder winter months. Secondary glazing is one such method that can help keep homes warmer without breaking the bank.

Here we explore acrylic secondary glazing and the associated benefits:

What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is a way of improving the energy efficiency of a building by adding an extra layer of glazing to existing windows. The secondary glazing is typically installed on the inside of the primary window and is designed to provide an additional barrier against heat loss and noise pollution. The added layer of glazing also helps to improve the thermal insulation of the building and can reduce the amount of drafts and cold spots in a room.

There are a variety of materials that can be used for secondary glazing, but clear acrylic and clear polycarbonate are some of the most popular options due to their strength, durability, and clarity. Clear acrylic is a lightweight and shatterproof material that is easy to work with, while clear polycarbonate is a stronger and more impact-resistant material that can be used in areas where security is a concern.

Secondary glazing can also be an effective solution for historic buildings where the replacement of the original windows would not be appropriate. Additionally, it can be an affordable solution for renters who aren’t allowed to make changes to their windows but still want to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Benefits of Secondary Glazing:

Heat Insulation

The most common reason for someone having secondary glazing within their property is for heat insulation. When sealed properly, the additional layer creates a gap between the window and the second sheet material. This gap helps to block any cold draughts coming into the property and helps reduce any hot air escaping.

Noise Insulation

Secondary glazing provides an extra layer of protection between the inside of your home and the outside, which helps to reduce the amount of external noise that enters the building. This can be particularly beneficial for homes located in busy urban areas or near airports or train stations, where noise pollution can be a significant problem.

Secondary glazing can help to block out a wide range of external sounds, including traffic noise, construction noise, and even aircraft noise. This can create a more peaceful and comfortable living environment, which can be especially important for people who work from home or have trouble sleeping due to external noise.

Cost Savings: Acrylic Secondary Glazing vs Double Glazing

Compared to double glazing, secondary glazing is a much cheaper alternative in terms of both material and labour costs. For the material, you can get a competitively priced Perspex Acrylic Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit custom cut for your window at Cut Plastic Sheeting. As the kit comes custom to your need, it’s easy to install yourself and you won’t need to pay for a third-party installation service. set a rough budget of £5,000 for homeowners looking to install new secondary glazing in a home. Comparing this to Acrylic secondary glazing we can see the potential savings. estimates that there are 7 windows in a semi-detached home, while estimates a “standard” window to be 635 x 890 mm.

Using that data with our current prices (January 2023), a homeowner can purchase 7 secondary glazing acrylic kits (635 x 890 mm) for £151.27. That is a price difference of over 3,211%.

Acrylic Plastic Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit

At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we offer customers a Perspex Acrylic Magnetic Secondary Glazing Kit. This kit is a quick and simple solution for anyone who is looking for secondary glazing on their property. The kit consists of a custom sheet of Perspex acrylic that is cut to your window measurements. You will also be supplied with enough magnetic tape to fit around the outside of your window. The magnetic tape acts as an airtight seal that can be easily removed and replaced.

Next, read our guide on how to install Secondary Glazing.

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