Quick and Easy Garden DIY Ideas!

The garden can be a social hub for family and friends or even an area for peace and quiet, so it’s always important to give it some TLC. There are many simple garden DIY projects that you can undergo that aren’t costly or time-consuming but can create an impact on your outdoor space. Take a look at some of our ideas for inspiration on how you can update your garden!

Upcycle Your Furniture

Rattan garden furniture is popular in many homes but it can often be too large to store inside during the winter months. That means it has had to face the UK weather all year round with no protection leaving them to look worn out. A simple way to bring life back into your furniture is to use an acrylic sheet as a tabletop. This gives it a sleek look and makes it look almost brand new! It also provides a layer of protection and an area that can be easily cleaned in the future. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you require, as we can provide clear or coloured acrylic sheets that are cut to your custom needs.

Create Your Own Signs

Hanging up signs can put a bit of humour and character in the garden and give it that personal touch. It even helps to direct people to certain areas in your garden like if you have your own bar! Our flat-cut letters include individual letters A-Z so you can really be adventurous with your signage. For outdoor use, the Aluminium Composite Flat Cut Letters are perfect as they are lightweight, durable and weatherproof. They are also available in a range of colours, and fonts.

Add Some Colour

Incorporating colour acrylic sheet can help add a softer tone or a bold statement into your outdoor space. Typically, pastel colours are classed as peaceful and soft colours which can create a calming feel in your garden. Or if you want to liven up the area, bright yellows and oranges are great to bring a burst of energy into the space. Some common ways to add colour into your garden is a splashback on the outdoor bars or backdrops and feature walls in seating areas. You can incorporate coloured acrylic into any space with our cut to size and shape option.

Break Up Your Space

(Image credit: Future / Annaick Guitteny)

Having different areas within your garden can massively transform the current layout especially if you have a smaller garden space. Even though many people believe that isolating areas can make the garden look smaller it can actually create the illusion of a larger area. The most common way to break up space is by placing balustrades or cut to size panels around patios, decking, and staircases. For this, you can use clear cut to size acrylic for the panels. Or, if you think you need a tougher material we also have Polycarbonate Sheet cut to size which is up to 200 times stronger than glass. If you want to also incorporate some more colour and make the area secure and private you can use colour acrylic instead of clear.

Add in Garden Mirrors

We spoke in a previous blog, Inspirational Garden Mirror Features, about how well mirrors can make an impact on the garden. It’s another great feature for small areas to make them appear larger and bring in more light to a smaller space. Standard mirrors can be fragile and at risk of shattering especially outside when exposed to all weather conditions. However, cut to size Premium External Aluminium Composite Mirror panels have a high-quality mirror finish, whilst being shatter-resistant. Unlike glass mirrors, Aluminium Composite Mirrors will not shatter into shards when broken so it is the perfect material to have in a well-used garden.

We would love to see how you have been renovating your outdoor area and if you’ve tried any of our garden DIY ideas! Send over some images to info@cutplasticsheeting.co.uk or share with us on our social media!

Post By Cerys Furnival

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