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Using Clear Acrylic For Wall Protection

As hard as we try, sometimes it is impossible to keep walls and surfaces clear and clean from debris and dirt. After a period of time, such exposure can cause irreversible damage, leading to costly repairs or the need to replace entire sections of plaster, wallpaper and any other unprotected surface.Some of our customers have shared their ingenious ideas with us, where they have used easy-to-use,  affordable clear plastic sheeting to protect their belongings and home.Our most popular types of clear plastic sheeting:

Bicycle Storage

Cycling is an increasingly popular mode of transport and enjoyable hobby, but with that comes the problem of storing bikes safely in a space away from the wet weather. Storing them indoors is probably the best idea, but this brings with it the risk of damaging walls behind them, with scuff marks and grease.This customer has used clear plastic sheeting to protect an interior wall from being marked by bicycles, which is easy to cut to size and can have pre-drilled fixing holes if you require.

Bin Wall Protector

It’s only natural that when we use an item everyday, it is possible that it will cause damage to the area around it. Bins are notorious for scuffing backwards towards a wall, as well as having lids that can often bang against the space behind, causing scuffs and scratches.Looking tidy and stylish, this customer has fitted a sheet of clear plastic behind their kitchen bin to offer the protective covering of walls, a simple and easy on the eye solution.

Door Protectors

In any household or business, doors are put under the strain of constant use. In their construction, they are built to be strong and long-lasting, yet the paintwork often isn’t. This is especially true if there are children and pets playing around the door area.Fitting clear plastic sheeting over the door panels can reduce the dirt and damage that can often occur, reducing the need to repaint and also making them much easier to wipe down should a mess occur.

Bathroom Wall Protection

Bathroom areas are hard to keep clean and hygienic, especially if they are in a public area. Using easy to fit sheets of clear plastic is a great way of preventing germs and dirt from taking hold, giving you an option to scrub the surface and enabling you to use detergents that you may not otherwise be able to use on painted or papered walls.It is also  great for covering a wall to prevent scratches from people coming in and out all day, with objects such as bags and suitcases that can chip away the paintwork and wallpaper, making it look unsightly.
The list of ideas for using clear plastic sheeting to protect walls and surfaces are countless. Our loyal customers have also used the material for ensuring the protection of a wall in a social club, protecting walls from dirt from dishwasher use, to protect a cupboard to the side of a hob and even protecting the wall against 2 boisterous corgis!If you have used clear plastic sheeting in a clever way, please share your photos with us, as it’s sure to inspire many others in their quest for protective wall covering.

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