Using Foamex Foam PVC to Make Race Car / Track Day Door Cards

Fixing up cars is a hobby that many people, young and old, have in common. In particular the trend for working on racing cars has increased, with many forums and YouTube videos available for even the most novice of petrol-heads to follow.

You may think that this kind of hobby is expensive and difficult. However, with a range of materials and techniques that are readily available, it can prove cost effective and manageable to those who have no training in mechanics or car interiors. Foamex is one of these materials, so we take a look at the affordability and the benefits that it can have for your labour of love racing car project.

In an effort to save weight and replace un-wanted clutter from the interior of track cars, many owners are replacing their door cards with lightweight Foamex foam PVC.

This is a cheap and easy modification that gives your car a focussed feel to the interior and saves weight. Importantly it is also safer than removing the door cards completely, as the sharp interior edges to the door are covered up.

Benefits of Using Foamex

  • Easy to cut and drill
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Will not be affected by moisture or damp
  • Very affordable
  • Can be cut with a stanley knife, no power tools required
  • Simply nail, screw or rivet to surfaces
  • Rigid and durable
  • Attractive finish with a smooth surface

Simply ensure that you have taken accurate measurements for the area that you need to cover, so that you can avoid wasting the material.

Click here to view our range of Foamex, which can be ordered cut to the exact size requirements for your car – avoiding unnecessary waste and ensuring you only pay for what you need.


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