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Using Sheet Material in Education

Schools and Universities continuously update and improve their buildings and resources to make it a suitable learning environment for pupils and staff. However, with limited budgets it can be difficult to achieve. Some really useful changes can be made within the education sector, in a cost effective and efficient way using sheet material.

Here are some ways Schools and Universities can use sheet material for educational purposes:

Acrylic Whiteboards

Whiteboards are an important item in schools across the UK and are great for engaging students. This tool helps teachers present information and allows students to brainstorm ideas quickly, without the need to turn on a digital whiteboard. A clear or white acrylic sheet can be used as a cheaper alternative to standard whiteboards on the market. Using a thin acrylic sheet and mounting it to the wall means it’s not taking up any unnecessary space in the classroom. It’s also easy to clean and can either be dry wiped off or cleaned with water.

Covering Notice Displays

Notice boards are an essential and convenient tool to communicate announcements or updates to parents, staff and students. Boards can be located internally or externally and depending on the location, depends on what cover is required. Clear Acrylic Sheeting as a cover is a great option for internal notice boards. If there is an area that comes in contact with sunlight, the Anti Reflective Acrylic Sheet would be best advised. Alternatively, external notice boards could use Clear Polycarbonate Sheet as its weather resistant. Both Acrylic and Polycarbonate are safer options for schools due to being impact resistant and shatterproof.

Protecting Walls

With constant footfall throughout schools and universities, buildings can become worn down and difficult to clean. Areas such as sports halls, changing rooms, toilets and hallways are the most likely place where interior damage can occur. If the damages continue over a long period of time, surfaces like walls can become expensive to fix. By simply covering walls with an acrylic sheet can offer a protective layer, leaving it difficult to become damaged. Using an acrylic sheet can also make it easy to clean and inexpensive to replace when needed. If you want to brighten up your walls you can use coloured acrylic instead of clear.

Sneeze Guards

Schools and Universities can be filled with hundreds or thousands of people at one time so there is always a risk of spreading airborne diseases, germs and bacteria. Sometimes it can also be difficult to separate yourself from other individuals when space is limited. Our Freestanding Sneeze Guard is a lightweight and portable guard that can be placed on top of desks and workstations creating space for both teachers and students.

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If you are interested in using sheet material in education, we can offer credit up to £1500 to Public Sector Bodies/Organisations. Alternatively, get in touch with our sales team to discuss any volume or trade discount available to you.

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