Acrylic vs. Glass Glazing

Acrylic is almost shatterproof, it is extremely resistant to impact and has even been known to withstand an earthquake (not that we get many of those in the UK – but you never know!)

A fragile material, we know that glass shatters easily and can be difficult to transport. Broken glass is an extremely hazardous material, which makes it an unpopular choice for hospitals, prisons and school installations.

Acrylic glazing sheets have clearer optical properties than glass, particularly when manufactured over a certain thickness, so they let more sunlight into your room or office.

Glass glazing can become ‘cloudy’ when over a certain thickness, restricting light and offering less transparency.

While these two materials are completely different, they do share some characteristics; they are both unaffected by sun exposure or salt spray and are 100% recyclable.

If you make a price comparison between the two materials, you will probably find that they are similar in price, and when you consider the advantages that Acrylic glazing has over Glass glazing, then your decision will be easy to make.

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