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Replacement Polycarbonate Panels for Greenhouses and Sheds

With the recent weather being so wet, windy and somewhat depressing, it is inevitable that many of us will have repairs to undertake to roofs, greenhouses and sheds.

Whilst it can make our hearts sink to see the destruction that the weather can cause to our homes and gardens, having put so much hard work into making them perfect, it is surprisingly easy to replace broken windows and panels in order to leave your property looking as good as new.

Greenhouse Repairs

The British climate is not always ideal when it comes to growing plants and vegetables all-year-round, which is why having a quality greenhouse can provide adequate protection from the elements, whilst also allowing in and trapping ample light and heat.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels have proven themselves to be very competent and have quickly become one of the more popular alternatives to glass, due to their lightweight structure and crystal clear transparency. Replacing broken glass with this material can help to ensure that your greenhouse will withstand any further bad weather, being easy to fit and with minimal moisture absorption. Polycarbonate panels are suitable for just about any outdoor use and can be used as shed windows, outdoor animal hutch enclosures and garden shelters, amongst other things.

Replacing Shed Windows

The garden shed is possibly one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated parts of a home, which is surprising when you consider that for something so small they tend to house equipment of relatively high value; such as lawnmowers, gardening tools and accessories, etc. which can become damaged quite easily if exposed to the adverse weather conditions that are synonymous with a British winter.

The weakest area of any structure will be the windows, as they are a separate piece fitted in, rather than a part of the structure as a whole. Once the area holding a window becomes weakened, glass panes (which are heavy and cumbersome) will cause the area to buckle; resulting in a large open hole and lots of small shards of broken glass. Bad weather will increase the speed of this deterioration or may cause the glass to smash completely.

Acrylic Perspex Shed Panels are lightweight, ten times more resistant to damage than glass, and do not shatter, which are just 3 of the reasons why they are quickly replacing glass as the material of choice when it comes to windows for outdoor use. Another reason for their rise in popularity is that there is literally no downside; acrylic is just as clear as glass, is easier to clean, can be easily cut into the perfect shape and size, and has an incredible resistance to the effects of weathering. A perspex shed window can also add some security protection to your shed, as potential burglars will be unable to shatter the material to gain entry.

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