Dibond Aluminium Composite



Foamex vs Dibond

Foamex and Dibond are both popular materials, with many similarities in their characteristics and in their uses. This can make it hard to decide which is better for your particular project, so we take a closer look at each material, to see if there is a way of separating the two in order for them […]

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Dibond Painting Substrate: The Ideal Art Surface?

A poor painter should never blame their tools, however only with the right materials can an artist truly realise their vision. For artists looking for a new surface to work on, Dibond painting substrate is quickly becoming a popular choice, not only for its stiffness, but also due to its supreme smoothness and the superb results of its graphic […]

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What Is Dibond & How Can It Be Used?

When asked ‘What is Dibond’ there are a number of possible answers, all of which are different but true. Dibond can be summed up simply as an extremely rigid yet lightweight material which excels at indoor or outdoor signage, as well as in the fabrication of various temporary or semi-permanent installations. But that is a […]

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