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Our Steps to Reduce Plastic Waste

People are becoming more aware of what they need to do to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle to limit the impact of climate change. At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we recognise that it is important to take the necessary steps to develop a sustainable business model, to help reduce our impact on the environment. We have put in place several processes that allow us to operate in an eco-friendly way, as well as giving our customers the opportunity to purchase eco-friendly products. One contributor that continues to pollute the environment is plastic waste. Being based in Devon, we are fortunate to be surrounded by the Southwest Coastline. However, with reports from local organisations such as Surfers Against Sewage highlighting that 12 million tonnes of plastic are poured into the ocean every year, it is important we do our bit.

Here are some of our steps to reduce plastic waste:

How Do We Minimise Our Plastic Waste Contribution?

We are committed to limiting the amount of waste we produce by being as efficient as possible with our cutting process – we use state of the art software to ensure that all cut panels are nested correctly and any useable waste is stored for future use. Any unusable material that remains is then filtered through our recycling network, we use a national company to support our recycling needs who work in partnership with Madreperla in Italy. Madreperla collect unused acrylic material which is at the end of its life cycle and regenerate it into raw material. This is formed back into a 100% recyclable acrylic called Greencast. By entering our acrylic into the recycle and reuse loop, we are reducing the amount of waste going into landfill.

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Offering Customers Eco-friendly Products

Another one of our steps to reduce plastic waste, is allowing our customers to make sustainable buying decisions. A great way a consumer can create a positive impact on the environment is by choosing eco-friendly products. We offer 100% Recycled Clear Green Cast Acrylic as an alternative to standard cast acrylic so customers can decide to make a sustainable choice. Our competitive pricing means that customers can still make a cost-effective decision that brings multiple benefits to the environment. Customers do not have to worry about losing the benefits that standard cast acrylic holds, because Greencast performs and fabricates just like standard acrylic.

What Are The Benefits of Using Greencast Acrylic?

  • Greencast Acrylic uses 100% recycled materials
  • Landfill waste is being reduced
  • It mirrors the same characteristics as standard cast acrylic at a competitive price
  • High quality acrylic with the lowest ecological impact
  • Free from volatile organic compounds and hydrofluorocarbon 
  • You are making a sustainable choice

Choose 100% Recycled Clear Greencast Acrylic for a more sustainable option. We offer this product in 3mm and 5mm thickness and in a range of colours including Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Navy Blue and Green – look out for “100% Recycled” in the title! We offer instant quotes online for custom sizes and have a range of standard shapes to chose from too – we can also cut to any shape required, get in touch with us now!

If you have any further questions our team will be happy to help – please call us on 01752 917434.

Post By Cerys Furnival

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