Bespoke Acrylic Splashbacks

Placed behind your sink, an acrylic Splashback will protect your walls from water damage, and keeping them clean is a breeze!  Unlike tiles, acrylic Splashbacks are installed in one complete piece, so there are no unsightly joins or gaps for bacteria to collect in.  A simple solution of soap and water will remove any food splashes or water residue, and your bespoke acrylic Splashback will continue to look like new for years to come.

Unlike glass Splashbacks that attract dust and those annoying fingerprints, acrylic Splashbacks actually repel both dust and fingerprints, remaining clean and sparkly all day long.

Interested in adding a new acrylic Splashback to your kitchen? Simply go online and choose your favourite colour from the huge selection available, and send us your measurements.  We will cut your bespoke acrylic Splashback to size using the latest CNC processing equipment, which allows us to make cut outs for electrical sockets, and deliver it to your door ready for installation.

Applying your acrylic Splashback is easy; you just need a smooth flat surface and the correct adhesive.  In some instances, your Splashback can be place on top of existing tiles, but you may not get the perfectly smooth finish you would get with a flat surface.

So update your kitchen in time for Christmas by ordering your bespoke acrylic Splashback online today.

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