10 Easy Ways to Update your Home with Acrylic Sheeting

Spring is typically the most popular time of year for us to perform DIY and decorating duties around the home. Perhaps because we spend more time indoors during the winter months, hibernating from the cold and rain, we start to look at our decor a little more critically and start wondering what improvements we can make.

However, we are often restricted to a budget when improving our homes. After all, updates do not always come cheap and are often more time consuming than we’d like. We have put together a list of smaller updates that we can make, which are quick, easy, affordable and most of all stylish!

Replace a Coffee Table Top

Revive your old, tired coffee table by adding an acrylic sheet to create a new surface. It will offer a fresh and scratch-free area, which can be of any colour you choose. This will offer you many possibilities, making a vintage coffee table more retro or taming a bright tabletop into a more neutral style. This can also work with dining, desk and dressing tabletops.

Create New Shelves

Replace the top of a glass shelf if it has been damaged or scratched for a fresh new look, or create brand new shelves to give you more display space in the home. This can be done in any room, choosing from a range of colours to suit any existing decor that you may have.

Design your Own Mirrors

Using Mirrored Sheeting you can create light and depth for any dark corners of your home. You don’t have to go for the standard square or rectangular shape of the mirror, simply experiment with your design on cut-out paper before committing to your acrylic sheet. There is a choice of colours here too, which can add to your creativity.

Picture Framing

If you have photo or picture frames with broken glass, acrylic is perfect as a replacement. It is safer to use than glass and will withstand any knocks that it may receive. You can also create new frames from scratch, simply adding some affordable hooks and clips to the acrylic to create a set of matching frames in any size.

Refresh the Tops of Stools and Chairs

In the same way as the tabletops, chairs and stools can often become scratched or in need of an overhaul. Simply cut your sheeting to size and apply with a good adhesive or tape. This is an easy way to add colour to your chairs and match them with the rest of your decor, without having to pay for brand new furniture.

Revamp your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

An easy and affordable way to breathe new life into your kitchen is to add new doors to your cabinets. Simply choose a colour that you like, cut to size or order the custom size that you require, then fix them over the top of your existing door fronts for an instant facelift.

Add New Bathroom Splashbacks

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring. Update yours with a new colour scheme by using acrylic sheeting splashbacks or PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding. They have low moisture absorbance and are easy to clean, simply fixing over the top of any tired bathroom tiles that you may have.  

Give your Wardrobe Doors an Uplift

New bedroom furniture can be expensive, so avoid the cost and simply upcycle what you already have available. Choose your colour scheme and order the sheets already cut to size which will make life easier. Fix over the existing doors and perhaps add new door handles for an extra stylish finishing touch.

Replace a Broken Cat or Dog Flap

It’s surprising how much force a cat or dog can use when going in or out of a door flap. If damaged, it can contribute to lost heat from the home, look unsightly, or potential injure your pet if there are sharp edges exposed.

Add a Secondary Window Pane

Reduce noise and help to contain heat in your home with a secondary pane over your existing glass. Particularly useful in older houses with single-pane windows, this can save you thousands of pounds in getting brand new windows fitted. This may not be a visible update to your home but will make it feel safe and cosy.

There are endless ways to update your home using acrylic sheeting on a budget. We are always interested to see how you have used acrylic in your home or workplace, so please feel free to share your photos with us on Facebook or on our new Instagram page, cut plastic sheeting.

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