Child Proofing with Clear Plastic

For families with children of all ages, many cut plastic materials can be put to use in the home to make child-proofing simple, affordable and very effective.

One of the great advantages of clear acrylic is that it is completely shatterproof. Unlike glass, it will not splinter if it is dropped and is terrifically resistant to impacts, but it has the same aesthetic qualities as glass. It is therefore the perfect replacement for glass around the home, and some of the most common uses for it include:

  • Replacing the glass on TV cabinets
  • Treehouse or wendy house windows
  • Replacing glass in picture frames
  • Creating transparent barriers around beds and cots
  • Creating protective and wipe-clean cover for tables during painting/craft activities

Extruded acrylic is a great solution for all of these applications, and it can be bought cut to size or trimmed as you complete your project. Please see our guides to cutting and polishing acrylic sheet to see how simple this is to do.

Clear acrylic can also be used for larger projects in the home. Insulating secondary glazing, greenhouse panels and shower screens can all be made from acrylic rather than glass to make them safe and child-proof. In fact, using acrylic or clear polycarbonate for any of these may actually prove more effective than glass! Polycarbonate greenhouse panels have proven very effective in comparison to standard glass panels – both in terms of how easy they are to keep clean and their resistance to impact from falling debris or ball games!

Where the edge of acrylic may need to be visible – as in the case of acrylic shower screens – there is a solution to achieving the aesthetic of glass even with plastic sheeting. Although standard clear acrylic looks just like glass when looking through the sheet (as you would if it was used for picture glass or secondary glazing), when viewed through the edge it does not.

This is because acrylic is optically clearer than glass and it does not adopt the green tint that glass does when it is made very thick. If a convincing alternative to glass is required, glass-look or ‘green edge’ acrylic is available which offers this green tint effect.

There are many ways in which acrylic can be used in the home as a safe and child-friendly alternative to glass. Whether you would like to replace the glass in photo frames so they won’t shatter when dropped, or whether you would like to build a completely new and cricket ball-proof greenhouse for your garden, clear plastic sheeting can take care of it for you!

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