DIY Project Idea: Lightbox with Opal Frosted Acrylic

We recently received a fantastic email from one of our customers letting us know all about how they used a sheet of our opal frosted acrylic to create a custom made lightbox, and we thought it would be a great idea to share the photos and the DIY project with you!

First, a hole was machined in the lid of an ABS box which would accommodate the sheet of opal frosted acrylic. Then, the acrylic was machined to match the lid of the box to give a snug fit.


Once the frosted acrylic was fitted to the lid of the box, strips of white LED bulbs were mounted to the base of the box. At this point, the light from the LEDs is very bright – much too bright for a light box.

When the lid of the box is fitted, however, the opal frosted acrylic acts as an effective diffuser allowing some but not all of the light to shine through.


Finally we see the completed lightbox showing the effect of the acrylic diffuser. The switches on the side control each strip of LEDs, and as each one is turned off or on the brightness of the lightbox can be controlled.

What a fantastic finished product! Thanks again to Steve for emailing us the photos of his project and allowing us to use them – we love seeing our cut plastic sheeting in action!

If you have any photographs of our plastic please share with us on Instagram and Facebook!

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